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How To Start A Life

I am assuming of course you already have some semblance of a life and have not just come in to the world. Folks are often saying “you need to get a life?” And I know they mean various things by that like “get away from me and go get a life.” Actually I am re-furbishing a life that as been existing for three quarters of a century. So yes I have been living a life for quite some time, in fact my life has evolved a time or two. Babyhood, childhood, teenager, and adult. Even the adult stage has seen some changes over the years and now I am preparing to enter OLD. I know they call us Seniors but I don’t like that term because it defines OLD PEOPLE. I am not old, I am vintage.

Rocking time

to be continued.

Step One

Write an article on intrigue. (nobody is going to read a blog unless its content is one they themselves are interested in).

secondly, the rules change for an email newsletter. You can’t send out spam, but you can send out invitations, initially requesting they agree to signing up.

Last Post and Testament

Thomson's Home Emporium

THIS MAY BE MY LAST POST (for a while anyways) I know, I know, here we go again but, that’s not necessarily true. A few years ago, my Doctor told me (as for my health) I was in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter of my life. I think he was trying to motivate me to taking my life’s health a lot more seriously.

As time moved on, I ballooned to 262 lbs. Which is a lot for me. We had been in Springfield, MO. at the time and I vowed when I got back, I was going on a NO SUGAR/NO BREAD covenant. I threw in a personalized version of an attempt at ‘intermittent fasting’ routine. These efforts along with visiting an acupuncturist resulted in not only losing 30 lbs. in a short amount of time but it cured me of my psoriasis 100%. All that to…

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