Morning Chases Night Away

Even as the night goes unwillingly and it’s darkness clings to the remaining hours not even the fumbling fingers of an old man on a keyboard can withstand lightnesses early arrival. I’ll pay for this later I tell myself but laying claim to these early morning routines allows me the tranquility that only me, the birds, and a few moist worms can enjoy alone for our reprieve.

I have had a hint at the news while waiting for the water to boil for the coffee and I won’t be turning that back on. One of my tasks that awaits me is how to disconnect cable while keeping my landline phone and the internet.

Hope springs eternal is still the mantra with the weather though compared to other parts of our country we really don’t have anything to complain about. Playing with fonts and opening size letters are all I can do to keep my fingers moving. Where did the Tiger go that I had planned to feature in this article. Let me go try and find him.

Morning Has Broken

This has been a test before i HAVE to run off to my typing class and learn how to waltz around these keys like Ziefried danced around the halls of montezume. I have to take my Driving Test soince I am passed the age of 75. not like Freddy Sekowski who is still a pup and gets by letting Shadow drive the Truck. I just discovered that dunking graham crackers into your hot coffee gives an added little treat to your morning meal what ever name you give it now. Click on the link to hear Bob seger sing Morning Has Broken .

Illinois Industrial School for Boys

Between the negativity of a 60 Minute piece last night and a downing of its page on the internet, and an additional loss on the stock market, it is said they lost $7 billion today.  I’ll bet you they won’t lose any sleep over it tonight.  I didn’t either.  I just came off a 5-day cleansing in absence of them and to tell you the truth I kinda liked they got their comeuppance.  What I did consider was how would I establish contact with my Friends list.  Do I have an email for every friend on my list?  No, I don’t. 

I remember when I enrolled in Thornton Township (1961)  OF Harvey (Ill.). I had only, as recently as Dec. of 1960, been released from St. Charles Boys School, which if you see the sign on the side of the road encased among wild bushes surrounding said sign, reads, Illinois Industrial School for Boys.  Now, that was the name of Sheridan, a mini prison for incorrigible youth.  A place at that time I had yet to lodge in.  It would not be long in waiting.  High School was overwhelming, not only for it’s size but socially I was a fish out of water.  I reeked of incarceration.  My first class, after homeroom was English.  The teacher spoke with a Russian accent.  Never having met a Russian before it could have been any number of other languages.  As anyone would know growing up in their teenage years you were home when the streetlights came on.  I, on the other hand was just “going out” as I explained it to my mother.  It would be considerably later when I returned.  By the time English class came around I was dead tired, so I slept in class.  So much so, the teacher, Mr. Russian, allowed me to continue to sleep, having instructed the rest of the class to leave quietly so as not to disturb me.  He, in my consideration, instructed the next teacher to let me sleep and when I awoke to tell me “Mr. Russian said you could go on to your next class”.  At one point my eyes opened and not recognizing any of the other students assumed I was dreaming and went back to sleep, but, the next time, the teacher, said, as Mr. Russian had instructed him to, “Mr. Thomson, you may go to your next class.”  To the roar of laughter from the other students.  You have now entered the Twilight Zone.


If you look closely you can see the basketball backboard where I played in the summer of 1977.

Even at the age of 77 I am inclined to look back and see where I came from and just how far I have come. Even in August of ’77 I never realized what lay before me.

Posts From The Vault

If we stay in this prison to long we will go insane but not the insanity we equate with Clockwork Orange, no this insanity has a new name, called; The New Normal. You many have heard about it. Anyway, back to my posts from the Vault.

I so forgot I stayed up to late watching this particular movie whose title I don’t recall. The more I watched it the more I realized that I had seen it before, but now I have to watch it til the end because with most movies I watch, well, I have this little quirk, I don’t watch the ending. The reason being is that I know I am going to watch it again, and then I’ll watch the ending. This must have been one of those movies because the ending was not familiar and was kind of lame anyway. Now remakes are remakes and we are seeing a lot of those these days, months, years and none of them are as good as the originals. But there is another thing to be alert for, and that is repeat plots or partial repeat plots and they always stick out like a sore thumb. Now if you are not familiar with that saying ‘sore thumb’ take a hammer and, oh forget it. You’ll know it when it happens that’s for sure. Usually you get Noon Time Music Hour at this time but since my day didn’t start until 11 30 (ah the life of a retiree) we’ll cancel that today and pick it up tomorrow. In the mean time we’ll meander through the rest of the day like it’s the most important day of ones like. Which we know it isn’t. The End

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My Rose Of Tralee

For as long as I can remember the old adage is that if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. That might seem a bit harsh considering we’re talking about baseball, but I have recently come to the conclusion that the outcome is not as important as the narrative. So, for the last 3 games in a row the Milwaukee Brewers lost all 3 games in the last inning by 1 run. And today seemed to for all intents and purposes looked like it was going to happen again. BUT, Marvelous Mad Maddon, went to the well once to often. I don’t necessarily blame him entirely, because his bull pen had been letting him down. But, if you keep throwing the same man out there time after time then the opposition gets all that much more time to figure him out. And they figured him out today. Tomorrow will probably be a 15 to 14 run game.

Can you believe that these two immortal greats were once banned from baseball for gambling. And look at today.
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And who praytell, is this, Johnnie Evers, Joe Tinker, or Frank Chance?
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The last know picture of my brother Micheal digging me out of a snow storm.
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How we doing Gran’pa? We had our day in the sun, son. Now we wait another 108 years.

Prophecy is God’s Resume of what He said was going to happen and what happened. Revelation is what is to come. No famous writer or theologian or prominent Religious leader said this. I said it. The way you tell if a prophecy is true or not is; did it come true? So if God’s word has been true so far, I’d say there is a good chance the rest is going to be true also. Now the prophets received their prophecy from the Spirit of God, so before someone starts turning the word of God to fit their own image and agenda they might want to see how that worked for those who disparaged God’s Word in the Bible. The fine print reads, alter at your own risk. ~ 30 ~


I was on the Radio Today

Had she been shy, and never said: “It was good to see you in church yesterday.” I wouldn’t know any of you and who knows where I would be. My friend posted this and as I pondered its truth I thought, had Mary said nothing at all, I had no basis for starting a conversation with her. I didn’t even think women should be working in a prison and still don’t by the way, so it was definitely on her to open the conversation. As for sitting on the sideline I can be selectively reserved at times. Maybe I don’t care to meet the people I am thrown in with so why would I introduce myself. Other times when having sensed that the crowd is an amiable one I openly do introduce myself. When I am in my daughter’s environment they are often asking others, “Have you met my dad?” Once, a man spoke to me so incoherently that I had absolutely no idea what he said, so I felt it safe to just say, “I am the Father of the Bride.” To which he stupifyingly said, “that’s what I asked you.” Okay, lighten up on the Jameson next time.”So often we turn meeting others into some big complicated thing. Too often we stay on the sidelines, hesitant to reach out and introduce ourselves. Settling for loneliness or the companionship of a handheld rather than facing an awkward hello. And I wonder how many relationships are missed when we let fear win and don’t take the simple advice our moms gave us. The next time we find ourselves on the sidelines, it might be up to us to make the first move. Let’s put ourselves out there. And say hello. We just might find the friend of a lifetime.” ~ Tammie Haveman

This opening line begs to be written and I shan’t disappoint it. Not since the 1919 debacle of the White Sox scandal of allegedly throwing the World Series has Chicago suffered such ignominious defeat as has been delivered to the faithful fans on the Northside. I swear the fans should boycott these feeble excuses from the management to the front office and even the announcers who have covered for them all year. BUT WAAAAIT. These are the Cubs we’re talking about. If they were going to fold, this is exactly the script, the narrative they would write. Good old Casey At The Bat type of futility. They couldn’t follow the route of demise as most ordinary teams follow. They would have to embellish their fatality to the point of almost being felt sorry for. But NOT this year you sad sacks of beer bellys full of suds and are millions of dollars in salaries you have managed to stuff your pockets with. You need to come out with a full page ad in the Tribune and apologize for your pathetic performance. I may get to sleep tonight now that I have vented my frustrations. Don’t expect me to come crawling back. I’m Done.

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Charlie and Zoe enjoying the summer’s past.

The above line is a test, but should it publish, here’s how to listen to my call in today Scroll down the page til you see the LISTEN button, move the cursor to the 1:13:20 mark to hear my call in to the show.

A Small Collection of posts and pictures

Friends except...

Illinois would like us, the citizenry, to vote in a referendum that would allow them to raise our tax rates as high as they want, when they want, and make it a part of our state constitution. Did they not see what happened in Cook County when they wanted to tax our pop? We may be dumb to live here but we’re not stupid.

God’s Promises 1982

For no particular reason other than I want too, I am disavowing sugar, bread, democrats and gonna try real hard to cut down on dairy products.

Ma and Pa Kettle