Was it 1713 that the word lemming was first used, and like a lemming I scrolled, following one headline after another, heading for the ledge of one bizarre screaming headline after another until I stopped at this one 269,269.

What could you imagine that number represents. Children. 269,269 children are homeless in California. I’m not even going to cite the many reasons, whys and wherefores of how that many ended up homeless, Nor am I going to throw fiery darts at anyone. I am remembering a line from “Boys N da Hood” Either they don’t knowdon’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood.

Matthew McConaughey Has Something to say to the American People

Sure he does, along with 50 Cent, Herschel Walker and Miley Cyrus, I suppose. They along with over 300 million other people have something to say to the American People as well.

I have never had an ego so I don’t know what it is that drives people to continue on even when they can just sit back and cruise on automatic. I saw the other day that Yadier Molina was going to sign on for two more years playing catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Yadier has played so long I think the first player he threw out at second was Shoeless Joe Jackson of the 1919 Chicago White Sox. Give it up man, we know its not the money and ‘as they say’ you can’t take it with you. Or can you? I suppose you could pile it in your casket to keep other people from having it.

I don’t have anything to say to the American People or any other people for that matter. Go on with you bad self and bippitty bop down Broadway. I carry on and get out of life just about what I put into it. I have put aside most things that require an over abundance of ambition, writing, making money on the internet, anything that has anything to do with learning something new. I do pay attention to money, making sure we live within the boundaries of our means.

I have grandchildren and they like no other keep me interested in living and watching them grow. I do worry that they are not going to understand this time we are living in. Heck, I don’t even understand. Geeeze, some of these people…where did they come from. Well, just leave it alone and keep on keeping on. Hang in their folks the best way you know how. We will definitely not look back on these times and laugh about it. I guess I had a little something to say to the American people after all.

Back to the drawing board

Why? Just because. That’s all you need to know. There’s a whole lot more to tell you about but it isn’t necessary that you hear it all. Unless. You really want to know.

I started my day in anticipation of a sweltering, broiling, ratcheted up heat wave. So I hurried to my porch. grabbed my books and pulled down the sun screen. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” My thoughtful wife asked me. “Please?” I replied.

I have way to much to untangle today and where to start is anybodies guess. I told myself last night, after discovering that I’ve had this ‘bought and paid for’ course in setting up a Word Press Website, that I needed to finish setting up the website that I already have. Then there’s the writing course that I have from Great Courses (on video) that has been collecting dust for awhile now. Okay, and what about your manuscript that you shelved after printing our several copies that needs a re-draft/re-write now that your studying How To Write Great Sentences.?

What about Artificial Intelligence and Robots and Automation and Abraham Lincoln and John Perkins (whose children I knew and worked with by the way) All books that I am reading currently. It’s 10:35 am, I best get back out on that porch before the sun comes down on me like a Elton John song.

Folgers in your cup, the best part of waking up


When I first saw this show I was, as most, probably stunned. Not by what happened to Archie, of late we find it happening far to often. Then too, I have known men personally who have experienced the same ordeal as Archie. Upon further research I have learned that AGT is not the only show Archie has been on, and I am all for Archie getting as much exposure as possible.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to do any amount of time in prison for a crime you did not commit, and for 37 years. But it happens. Archie did not let that time destroy him, but as Seneca says “Thou hast been reduced to a low estate, BUT, as GOLD is refined in FIRE, so are BRAVE MEN born of adversity. May you have a loving and prosperous future, Archie.

People Who Know Me…

It was once suggested that a 7 second delay be instituted so as to give pause to what I might say, allowing me of course to reconsider whether I really wanted to say that. People who know me, know this.

In the confines of my car I drove throughout my community to see what its inhabitants were doing. I’m not saying, because I saw in a comment in response to someone seeing children playing in the park, someone responded, “call the police.” Let me say, what I did see was encouraging and leave it to you to imagine what that might have been.

I actually had to consider what store I was going to stop at and purchase a needed gallon of milk. What store would be least populated. I had grown irritated with my source of toilet paper for charging $2 a roll and $5.50 for a brand of hand sanitizer from India. They no longer deserved my loyalty. Later I would read that those in supermarkets, cashiers and such are under great threat being exposed to the public in checking out customers. I would consider them to be essential in the market place. But still it can feel like Russian Roulette in traversing the aisles, everything is cool until someone sneezes.

I did not serve in the military as my son and 2 brothers and my sister did. I never fought in a war nor know what it was like to be ON THE FRONT LINES. But I had to consider, with few choices to obtain what I needed I had to fend for myself, and was I on the Front Lines, in doing so. It would really be bad if you were the one who brought Cyrus into your home. I do have Jesus as my shield, but I, equally acknowledge others who have died no doubt were believers as well.

While it delights me to read of those who are GIVING to the betterment of the situation there are those who are doing just the opposite and furthering the destruction of, literally, the world. Good vs Evil. I’m not comforted by your telling me it has always been that way, even when, it’s always been that way.

Our Government has been less than stellar and while what few rights we have left include free speech, I can choose not to hear it. Friends or otherwise. Until he got married, I had a close friend who it was understood, he and I were diametrically opposed to each others political beliefs. We respected each other’s friendship more than our right to spout off about what we believed politically. That is rare and almost unheard of on Facebook. Not only do I tire of that, but when I weighed the outcome of all this and the unlikelihood that I am going to come through it, I decided I’d much rather devoid myself of a friendship than to accept their onslaught on my ears.

Which is why I was going to take a furlough from FB, but again as PEOPLE WHO KNOW ME, will attest. He’ll be back. True, you know me too well, but if we are going to heal, which I have extreme doubts, then people have to start being and showing conciliatory attitudes. I don’t see that. What I see is the spewing of hate and venom. And I can protect my eyes and ears with the click of a button. It’s not likely we’re ever going to see each again anyway. The End

Living Together In A World Falling Apart

“Living Together In A World Falling Apart”. At first blush, you might think what an appropo title for such a time like these. That being true, we’ve never in our lifetime had such a time like these. There were other times when the title if you will, because that is what it is, (not to be confused with the greeting “what it is?” back in the day) it is a title. Probably the best times I can recall were the late 60’s, 68 to be exact, when it sure looked like the wheels were coming off the bus. Who can forget the 1968 Democratic Convention held here in Chicago. The Chicago Police Rioted, yes, you read that right. They bludgeoned and bloodied the hippies and protesters and anyone who happened to be in the streets of Chicago.
Then too, there were the assassinations of Martin Luther King, and the 3 miles of riotous destruction on the west side of Chicago. Not the south side? No, the prevailing gangs at the time came together and said we’re not going to burn our neighborhoods down. Riots were prevalent around the country, including Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo. They too, mobilized and headed to Springfield, Mo. to further their destructive response, but like on the South side of Chicago they were met on Highway 44 by locals of Springfield and turned back. The original Nimbys, Not In My Back Yard.
In June of 68, while running for President of the United States, Robert Kennedy, brother to John F Kennedy was shot and killed while campaigning in California. The same Robert Kennedy who gave an impassioned speech in Indianapolis thwarting yet another riot back in April. I could go on and on about demonstrations against the VietNam War, the shooting of Governor George Wallace, College Campuses ablaze in flames of their own riots. And yes it sure did seem like the world, our world, here in America, was falling apart.
And now, here we stand amidst such confusion with dire predictions of more calamity the likes of which we have no idea. I, whether I want to admit it, have a target on my back, or chest. Like Tom Hanks, I have Diabetes 2, one of the diseases that the Cyrus is most destructive on. I also have COPD, another disease that affects breathing and the lungs. I also have Heart Failure. I know I always liken my situation to having 4 of the 7 leading causes of death, bur #4 doesn’t come to mind at the moment. Those 3 are enough.
Ironically, the original book, “Living Together In A World Falling Apart” had no such background for its story. The book was about living in Christian Communes dotted around America. The Authors lived at Reba Place Fellowship in Evanston, Illinois. The very same Reba Place Fellowship I would come to in 1978 on the day of my release from prison. Dave Jackson would go on to write Dial 911 about how christians responded to crime in a way other than dialing 911. He would include a Chapter, titled Broken Chains, that would describe my troubled life up to that point of my life. And now you have the rest of the story. But the story never ends.